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Are Other Side Books currently open for submissions?

Yes. Please look at our submission guidelines first. And allow up to 6 months for reply – this is a de facto one man outfit. (Well, one man and Gav, but he sticks to the technical side.)


Total list of titles:


Dark Neon Dying by Jon Kaneko-James


Genre: SF/fantasy noir

Website link

Available on Amazon?  Yes.

Available as paperback? No, at request of the author.

Price? £2.99 on website, £1.99 on Amazon.


Euro 2016: A Personal View by Jon Arnold

Website link

Available on Amazon? Yes.

Available as paperback? Yes, in jumbo format.

Price? £2.99 on website, £1.99 for Amazon Kindle, £5.99 for paperback.


From the Moon to the Stars by Duncan Lunan

duncan cover

Website Link and Kindle version to arrive August 2019

Available on Amazon? Yes, as paperback

Available as paperback? Yes.

Price? £12.99 for paperback.



Ghostly Aspects by M.J. Steel Collins

Website Link

Available on Amazon? No, due to copyright reasons.

Available as paperback? No.

Price? £2.99.


Into the Darkness by Paul Zunckel

Zunckel Into the Darkness Cover

Website Link

Available on Amazon? Yes.

Available as paperback? Yes.

Price? £2.99 on website, £1.99 on Amazon Kindle, £8.99 paperback



Journey to Cydonia by Chris O’Kane

Given four stars by The Fortean Times!

Front Cover

Website Link

Available on Amazon? Yes.

Available as paperback? Yes (note the different url)

Price? £2.99 on website, £3.99 on Amazon Kindle, £15.99 paperback


The Coachman by Samuel Clark


Website Link

Available on Amazon? Yes.

Available as paperback? Not yet.

Price? £2.99 on website and Amazon Kindle.


The Knight’s Daughter by Jo M. Thomas


Website Link

Available on Amazon? Yes.

Available as paperback? Yes.

Price? £2.99 on website, £1.99 on Amazon Kindle, £6.99 paperback


1st Christmas Book of Ghosts

Website Link

Available on Amazon? No, as they blocked it on copyright grounds. (It breaches the copyright of, err, Michael S. Collins: ie, me!)

Price: £2.99 on website only (over £2 each sale goes to Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland)


2nd Christmas Book of Ghosts

Website link

Available on Amazon? Yes.

Available as paperback? Yes.

Price: £2.99 on website, £1.99 on Amazon Kindle, £6.99 paperback. (All profit goes to Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland)



From the Moon to the Stars

Other Side Books are delighted to announce the publication of From the Moon to the Stars by Duncan Lunan.

duncan cover.png

Duncan Lunan has been a full time author, researcher, lecturer, broadcaster, editor, critic and tutor since 1970, specialising in astronomy, spaceflight and science fiction. He has published 9 books to date and contributed to 36 more, with 36 previously published stories and over 1500 articles. He was science fiction critic of the Glasgow Herald from 1971 to 1985, and ran the paper’s SF and fantasy short story competition from 1986 to 1992. As Manager of the Glasgow Parks Department’s Astronomy Project in 1978-79, he built the first astronomically aligned stone circle in Britain for over 3000 years (recreated at a new site in 2019); he was on the management committee of Airdrie Public Observatory from 1977 to 2008, serving as a curator for 18½ years, and ran the North Lanarkshire Astronomy Project 2006-2009. Currently he is Treasurer of the educational charity ACTA SCIO, co-editor of its magazine Space and Scotland, and Past Chair of the Astronomers of the Future Club in his home town of Troon, to which he returned with his wife Linda in 2012. His monthly astronomy column ‘The Sky Above You’ appears in various newspapers and magazines.

We are also delighted to include illustrations by the legendary Sydney Jordan, creator of Jeff Hawke for the Daily Express and Lance McLane for the Daily Record. Lance McLane was syndicated overseas as a new version of Jeff Hawke, making Hawke the world’s longest-running science fiction comic strip, 1954-1988, with 10 stories written fully, in part or suggested by Duncan Lunan. Sydney provided the covers for Duncan’s books Children from the Sky, Starfield and The Elements of Time, illustrated all the stories in The Elements of Time and contributed illustrations to Children from the Sky, Duncan’s most recent nonfiction book, Incoming Asteroid! What Could We Do About It?.

Collected together for the first time, From the Moon to the Stars collects short stories from across Duncan’s career, as well as memories, history and anecdotes of his life. There is also some non-fiction, including a sterling defence of the Apollo programme from conspiracy theorists.

You can buy From the Moon to the Stars here.

A Kindle version will be along soon.

You can read an in-depth interview with Duncan Lunan from 2010 here.

And more information can be found on Duncan’s website here.

Euro 2016 Print Copy

At Other Side Books, we listen to what our readers want, and time and again, a similar request was made. Print runs of our books. After looking into things, we are delighted to announce that a print on demand run of Jon Arnold’s Euro 2016 book is available from Amazon!

March 2018: Q&A by Chris O’Kane

A belated happy new year from all of us at Other Side Books. An exciting year is ahead for all of us, starting in a few weeks with the publication of The Knights Daughter by Jo Thomas.


Also, Chris O’Kane has filled in our author’s Q&A, so I’ll hand you to him now.


Questions to the Author: Chris O’Kane



  1. Tell us a bit about yourself

    I’m a kid who grew up in Glasgow during the space age. Inspired by space exploration, astronomy and science fiction. I have worked in many guises over the years, but still have that space-age, glint of wonder in my eyes.

  2.     Who are your favourite authors?

    I have lots of favourites, some dead and some living. Love H.G.Wells, no one writes like that now, it just flows off the page into your mind and stays there. Lots of SF writers, Joe Haldeman, David Brin, Allen Steele, and many, many more.

  3. What is your favourite book?

    That’s difficult to say. There are books I go back to that I enjoy reading again.  I’m often asked to recommend an SF book by readers who don’t read SF. I always tell them to read “Far From Home” by Walter Tevis. It’s a collection of short stories that will make you laugh, cry and despair.

  4. Music tastes?

    Rock, Celtic, Classic, Folk, Film, Various.

  5. What first piqued your interest in Mars?

    I recall the fuss about the Mariner 4 pictures of Mars, very fuzzy, I couldn’t make out anything, then the Mariner 6 & 7 photos, two craters looked like a giant’s footprint on Mars. Then in 1970 I read War of the Worlds, shortly after I saw the 1953 film version, I was hooked from then.

  6. Where did the Idea for Journey to Cydonia come from?

    The idea came from the project I started, as soon as I took an interest in the issue I kept a journal, knowing that I would, some day, write a book about it.  By 1996 I started writing the book, as I knew it would be important as a record of what took place.

  7. What’s the most important thing you have learned about the art of writing?

    Get off your butt and do it, or it will never happen.

  8. What’s next for Chris O’Kane?

    I’m putting the sequel together now, just started and there’s a lot to write, I have notes, letters, audio and video recordings to draw from to tell the story up to 2017.  I have also drafted up a feature film screenplay based on the subject.  I’m also writing up a film/TV documentary project about the subject.

    Well, good luck with that, Chris O’Kane. And remember you can buy his book, Journey to Cydonia, at the Other Side Books website, or on Amazon now!